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You know, Mondays might not be so bad if it was a day that everyone ate cake. Instead of the old ‘TGIF’ folks might get to the office at the start of the work day on Monday and high five over a hearty “TGICD!” It wouldn’t matter when or where but you would need to get your daily dose of cake somewhere in there.  Here are a few (okay more than a few – we got carried away) wedding cakes that we swooned and gushed over. How do these amazing bakers do it?

Look closely – those are gilded girl scout cookies – Yes – that just happened.

Warning: An internet search of cakes will leave you craving cake – no matter how full you already are. Do not attempt this search unless you have a nearby bakery to appease the instant cravings you will ultimately have.  You have been warned!

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Glitter is fabulous and gold is glam – combined these two components would create a glamorous luxe soiree!

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Tablescape with gold chivari chairs and glitter runner, Gold glitter dress and gold glitter garland}

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Tablescape with gold details and votives, Bridal gown with gold glitter detail, Cake with gold bands and gold embossed invitations}

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Not only are lilacs one of the prettiest shades of purple but they smell positively divine!

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Lilac Bouquet, Lilac Cake and Lilac Invitations}

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Lilac Dress, Lilac Arrangement, Sailboat Tie and Gem Necklace}

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Today marks the start of the 2011 Collegiate football season. As many grooms choose to have a groom’s cake that represents their school spirit,  we gathered up some of our favorite college renditions. Grab a fork and a foam finger – it’s gonna be a great year!

South Carolina Gamecocks

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Ole Miss Rebels (Black Bears)

Tennessee Volunteers

Georgia Bulldogs

LSU Tigers

Alabama Crimson Tide

Florida Gators

Clemson Tigers

Auburn Tigers

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Kentucky Wildcats

Texas Longhorns

This was a lot of fun. If we don’t have your team on here shoot us an email with a picture of a cake and we’ll be happy to add it to the post.  God Bless the bakers of these ‘masterpieces’ and God Bless Football.

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A basic rustic element like burlap looks fabulous when paired with luxe elements like pearls and rhinestones.

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Tablescape, Burlap Covered Table Numbers and Burlap Banded Cake}

{Sparkle and Hay Bride}

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Burlap and Rhinestone Napkin Rings, Burlap Chair Bow and Studded Burlap Boards}

From Top Left Corner Clockwise {Boutonniere wrapped in Burlap, Ring Bearer Pillow and Moss Kissing Balls with Burlap Handles for Flower Girls}

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DIY: Ombre Layer Cake

We asked ourselves-How can we take the notion of these fun rainbow layer cakes we’ve been seeing and make it a little sweeter and more wedding appropriate?  Well, we decided to make a six layer cake and dye each layer a different shade of pink so that when stacked they would create an ombre type look. We are no baker but thought we could handle this task.

First we purchased a simple white cake mix, three cans of white icing, rose Wilton food coloring and the additional ingredients to add to the cake mix.  We made our cake batter and evenly distributed the batter into six bowls.

Next we carefully dyed each layer a shade of pink. We then arranged the bowls from lightest to darkest and baked each layer individually in that order.  After the layers cooled we iced and stacked them on top of each other.  After all the layers were assembled we iced the outside of the cake.

We put our cake in a carrier and placed it in the fridge over night.  This helped the cake to set and kept it super moist.  Then came the fun part – having your cake and eating it too!

Voila! After you cut into your cake all your hard work will have paid off!  What a fun cake for a bachelorette party, shower or bridal luncheon! Bon Appetit!

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