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Please excuse our Journey reference in the title but we couldn’t resist!

Ceremony seating in the round is becoming more and more popular and here’s why:

  • There’s not a bad seat in the house.  Everyone can see and hear everything.
  • There are lots of seating alternatives including benches or ottomans.
  • You can be flexible in your circle design.  You can have one aisle that goes through the circle or two aisles that are perpendicular and meet in the middle.  You can even create your circle in a spiral shape!

Below are some images we uncovered from ceremony’s that were ‘in the round.’

We love this woodland setting with the mahogany chivari chairs and circle of  petals in the middle.

An elegant wedding with four aisles and a Chupah or four sided altar in the middle.

An elegant ballroom wedding in the round.

A spiral seating arrangement

An outdoor wedding in the round on a fabulous round deck.

And a great aerial view of a wedding in the round with three aisles.

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Want to wow your guests while creating a beautiful wedding keepsake?  Hire a live wedding painter!

There are groups of artists who will actually come and paint your wedding ceremony or reception while it is going on.  At the end of the event you will have a fabulous new and unique piece of art.  Some artists will even do smaller quick paintings of just the first dance, or the flower girl or the brides bouquet.

This would be a stellar and much talked about addition to any wedding or event.

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony or reception where there was a painter?

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