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There is something so dainty and feminine about lace.  It has always had a star role in bridal apparel but is now a huge trend in wedding decor as well. We found so many lace ideas that is was hard to narrow down our favorites.

This French inspired bridal cap is stunning. Monogrammed hankies are so sweet and perfect gifts for mothers, grandmothers and bridesmaids.  We love the way an heirloom handkerchief looks on a bouquet. This lace inspired bracelet would look beautiful for the wedding and could definitely be worn again afterwards.

Lace and mason jars as votives – Yes Please! And for cupcake liners. And for an inner envelope for invitations!

This invitation suite has a lace pattern in the great color scheme of peach and gray.  A lace clutch would be great for a bride or her stylish bridesmaids.

How clever is the idea of using a doily under a glass plate as a name card?  This cake is simply beautiful with the lace pattern to add texture and contrast. Even the popular trend of bunting can be combined with lace handkerchiefs to create a vintage look.

If you don’t want the lace bridal veil or just want something fun to wear at the reception you could opt for this lace and floral fascinator. These lace shoes are yet another fun bridal accessory.  We adore the detail in this Irish linen ring bearer pillow and handkerchief.  And because we love fans (its hot here and this is fashionable & functional) we had to include this battenburg lace version.

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Attaching a keepsake to the bridal bouquet is such a special way to incorporate a memento into a wedding.  Here are a few of our favorite bouquet charms and adornments.

The cameo on this bouquet is made even more stunning by the lace wrapping underneath.

And an antique brooch is not only beautiful but could also be your ‘something old,’ or ‘something borrowed.’

A vintage handkerchief can easily be affixed to the bouquet and can be monogrammed with the date or the bride’s initials to become an instant heirloom piece. We love how feminine this one is with the lace.

If you don’t have a family heirloom locket, several vendors have started to create small lockets exclusively for use as a bouquet charm.  If made of high quality materials the locket could be added to a charm bracelet or chain and worn as a necklace long after the wedding. We love this unique rectangular version from Etsy.

This bride chose to incorporate a family rosary into her bouquet. It is truly a beautiful addition.

Simple lace wrapped bouquets are so elegant. The lace could come from excess from the brides post-alteration gown or a family dress or veil.

This twine wrapped bouquet looks so fresh and organic.

Before bouquets – many brides carried small family bibles.  Today modern brides are keeping up this tradition by carrying these same small bibles but incorporated with their bouquet. Many of these bibles were carried by both their mother and grandmother in their weddings.

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