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As cotton season sweeps the Southeast we wanted to share some of our favorite cotton inspired wedding ideas.

From Top Left Corner Clockwise {Bride in field of cotton, Wreath, Boutonniere and Cotton Bouquet}

From Top Left Corner Clockwise { Glass jars filled with Cotton, Bouquet with a dash of Yellow and Wedding with Cotton Garland}

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Poms are all around fun.  They are versatile, inexpensive and are usually simple to make. Here are ten ways that you could incorporate poms into your wedding.

Create a wall of poms as a bright backdrop.

A bouquet made of fabric and yarn poms.

Poms look great adorning cupcakes.

Delicate poms made of doily’s.

Poms made from fabric for a ruffled looking finish.

A necklace made from fabric poms makes a bold statement piece.

Create a wreath made of yarn and fabric poms.

Delicate tulle poms look fabulous on a pair of sparkly heels.

These tulle poms are  so light and airy and could be made in any color!

String bright yarn poms to create a festive garland.

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This really is the easiest wreath you will ever make.  It is low cost and looks great when complete.  You can pick your color scheme and fabric so that it would fit into any decor scheme. To create your own all that you will need is:

  • Scissors
  • A metal wreath frame which can be found in most craft stores ($2-$5)
  • A good amount of scrap fabric or ribbon

Cut the fabric or ribbon into 10″ strips that are 1″-3″ wide.

Once you have your fabric and ribbon organized begin tying the pieces to outside wires of the wreath form using simple square knots.

Once you have completed the outside wire of the wreath form you repeat the same step on the inside wires.

Cover all of the inside wires and then add additional strips of fabric to any portion of the wire that is still showing.

Voila!  Your wreath is complete!

How fabulous would these look on the back of the bride and grooms chairs at the wedding reception?


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Baby’s Breath has gotten a bad rap for serving as a ‘dozen red roses’ unwilling wingman for far to long. Often forgotten this simple white and light flower is elegant and very versatile.

Today we celebrate you, Baby’s Breath, in this short pictorial tribute.

Cue Justin Bieber to sing “Baby”

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